We believe that in order to provide the best product and services to the client we have to work extensively to obtain the right mix of 3 M’s, namely Man, Machine and Material .

Our philosophy of maintaining the right balance between the 3 M’s: Man, Machine and Material had helped us reach us the destination where we are today. However we understand that it’s a never ending journey towards excellence.

We have the luxury of our exclusive quarries to procure and manufacture marbles of the finest quality. Our range includes all sorts of marbles produced with the help of the modern day state-of-the-art machinery used by us at our mining and production facilities. Combining the abilities of modern technology, quality machinery and highly trained staff ensures us achieving only the best in our endeavour..

Marble quarry in India

A marble quarry in India is found in abundance since India is the land of diversity and a diverse range of stones are found here. In India you can find quarries of marble, sand stone, granite, slate stone and other stones. A quarry is the place where a marble is procured, processed and manufactured to be distributed among the various consumers. The marble is produced and extracted from the mines using the state-of-the-art machinery and highly experienced staff. Our company aims at producing best and finest quality marbles. Our mines are situated in Udaipur, Rajasthan, from where the stones are procured in good quantity to be supplied further to the consumers. New age management techniques are followed to extract marble like wireless technology, hotlines, costing systems and computerized MIS are required to reduce the administrative and infrastructure costs. The soapstone is India is architectural soapstone that can be mined to export in the other countries.

Soapstone Supplier, Exporter and Manufacturer in India

Prem Marbles are the largest manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and quarry owner of the soapstone in India. We have 8 to 9 finishes and gang saw size of this particular stone. We also deal in blocks, slabs, tiles of this stone. Soapstone forms an important part in the mineral industry. It is as hard as granite. It is mined and extracted like the other stones from the mines. Soapstone is majorly used for the decoration purposes in the home, like in flooring, kitchen top, cladding, Granite Countertop Manufacturers etc. as it acts as a strong base and adds a elegance to the appearance of a room. The soapstones are beautifully crafted in different designs and colours. Basically it’s an Indian marble named Marien Black which is quite similar to Marquina which is an Italian stone. It is known as soapstone only in UK and US.

About us

You can contact us by visiting our website http://www.premmarbles.com or you can come to our place in Udaipur (Rajasthan, India), for an expert advice. Our employees are high trained in this profession. Our soapstones are supplied in India and all around the globe along with the marble, slate stones, granite and other stones that are consumed by the international clients resided in Greece, Italy, Sri Lanka etc.