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Indian Granite Exporter

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Indian Granite Exporter and Manufacturer

Granite is one of the useful elements that is utilized for both the domestic and commercial purposes. It is a durable stone which is also stain resistant. Granite comes in various colors and textures which makes it the first choice of people. Granite in India is found in abundance as India is known to have a variety of Granites in over 200 shades. It is used for construction and massive structural works throughout the world due to which a large number of Indian granite exporters are to be found. Prem Marbles is one of the leading granite companies in India which is located in Rajasthan (India). Our company offers a marvellous and supreme quality of granites in different colors and designs. So you can select your favorite texture from a diverse range of granites. There are red granites, green granites, black granite, pink granite and more to choose from.

Granite manufacturers in India

India is well known in the International market for its granite which explains the number of granite manufacturers in India. Our company is one of the famous granite manufacturers, and the granite manufactured by us is extraordinary in both elegance and aesthetic quality. A step by step procedure is followed while extracting and producing the granite in order not to lose its shine or affect its quality.

Granite suppliers in India

Since there is a huge demand for Indian granite all around the world, a tremendous hike has been observed of the granite suppliers in India. Our company not only manufactures but also supplies granite. The company has been established all around the world from West to East, and we are engaging in new residential or commercial projects regularly. At Prem Marbles, you will be provided with the excellent quality granites for your place.

Granite Countertop Manufacturers

We supply custom work in the area of granite countertops. The manufacturing of this granite countertops completely in our own hands, so we are able to supply these countertops (granite) directly without any brokering.

We also supply all types of granite products at competitive prices. Since we take care of the surveying and placing completely ourselves, we are able to keep the entire process short, to deliver quickly and to be able to bear the entire responsibility. Contact us today, as we are leading Granite Countertop Manufacturers in India.

Features of Granite Countertop
  • Qualitatively an excellent product (hard, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant etc)
  • Extremely suitable as a worktop
  • Gives a good picture of the colour and structure in the stone with a polished surface
Our company is based in Udaipur, Rajasthan and is one of the best Granite company in India that indulges in stones. Now renovate your house with the pretty textured granites and get a whole new look for your place. Give your kitchen or the flooring a modern twist. Get a new color and design by choosing from a wide range of granites available at our store.