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Cherry Gold Marble


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CHERRYGOLD MARBLE Cheery Gold Marble more famously known as Rosso Levanto Marble takes its name from the town of Levanto in Italy, the Mecca of Marble. It is a variety of Red Marble quarried chiefly in Italy, Turkey and Iran. This mesmerizing Marble has magnesium silicate, rather than calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate as its primary mineral content. They are mostly used for decoration, furniture ect. Predominantly red to reddish-purple with white veins it is available in tiles, slabs, and blocks and recommended for all interior projects. Another building material popular for decorative, cladding and counter-top works is Granite. It comes in various hues of colours to add to the aesthetic appeal of the building. The best granite colours are Black, White, Red, Green and Blue. Red Granite is very popular because of its natural beauty. It was used in ancient Egyptian pyramids for decorating. To give your Kitchen an energetic feel, Red granite can be used combining it with neutral cabinetry. The combination of blue and silver highlights, make it very pleasing to the eye. Granite is a polish igneous stone with big grains visible with the naked eye. These grains are formed due to the slow crystallization of magma. Its mineral composition of quartz and felspar gives granite a variety of hues like red, pink, grey, or white Color. Granite is mostly preferred for Flooring, Elevation/Cladding, Kitchen and Table Top and counters. A variety of imported granites are available for use as a building material. Comparing it with Cherry Gold Marble we can clearly see that when used with proper sealant and bed surface, Marble can be as durable as Granite. There are different polishing available for treating Marble surfaces to get that lustre for aesthetic appeal and extravagance. Marble can be finished in many different ways depending on the type of aesthetics one is aiming for:- Polished finish Marble: Polished finished Marble results in an extravagant ultra-glossy almost mirror-like surface on the Cherrygold Marble that accentuates its colour and design. The porosity of the surface is reduced to a great degree so that to make it spill-proof and resulting in a shiny surface. Polishing is mostly done in the interior works to add opulence to your interior work. Honed finish Marble: A honed finish is very similar to polishing with one major difference that the finishing results in matte finish Marble with a velvety and smooth surface with no shine whatsoever. Honing finish makes the Marble less prone to damage. Textured finish Marble: This specialised Marble finish involves the uset of various techniques to administer the Marble a clearly fashionable surface. Flamed, bush-hammered, leather finish Marble, rigato finish Marble, coral finish Marble, natural-cleft finish Marble, sandblasted and split face Marble square measure a number of the favored rough-textured finishes. You can choose any of the following finishes as per your requirements. Cherry Red Marble will leave your guests awestruck with its beauty.