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Bidasar Brown Marble otherwise known as Rainforest Brown Marble is famous all over the World, especially Middle-Eastern countries. It is renowned for its characteristic light to the medium brown background with veins of dark brown, reminiscent of tree branches in a rainforest. Rainforest Brown Marble is the numero uno choice for its extravagant appearance. The brown background and the veins look like paintings. each and every block of this marble is unique in pattern and structure. Known for its High Consistency and Sound Fragility it is recommended for both interiors and exteriors. This is a very good marble for Wall Cladding, Bathroom tiles and flooring. You can use it in flooring as well as for Bathroom and kitchen countertops with proper sealing of the material. Prem marbles is a renowned supplier of Rainforest Brown Marble in Slab, tiles and countertop sizes. 

Limestones of Secondary and Tertiary age are not generally compact enough to be used as marbles, but some of the shelly beds are employed to a limited extent for decorative purposes. Under the name of Forest marble, geologists recognize a local division of the Lower Oolitic series, so named by W. Smith from Wychwood Forest in Oxfordshire, where shelly limestones occur. Over the years, various flooring materials have come in the market but marble never goes out of style and Rainforest Brown Marble is the fronrunner product for homeowners. This natural and dateless beauty of a marble offers grand, elegant and luxurious characteristics, which make it very popular for use in all sorts of residential and commercial interior design projects that requires elegance. However, marble is additionally one amongst the costlier tile floorings within the market. As a result, it is wise for homeowners, to consider carefully which type of marble surface to use so as to achieve the best home design effect for your luxurious and prized Rainforest Brown Marble. Honed Marble surface leaves a sleek, consistent and flat surface on the ground. This end provides a velvety and sleek bit that offers a heat ambience and stylish bit of the natural stone. Despite the slight lack of sheer and radiance, most homeowners choose Honed Marble because it gives a softer and more delicate look in their houses. Polished Marble end offers a richer and additional luxurious charm. Its shiny surface is classic and complex and may simply mix into any interior style project— a cultured end incorporates a shiny surface that reflects light-weight and emphasizes the colour and markings of the fabric. Generally used for Kitchen and countertops, Vanity, island and bar top etc., rainforest Brown Marble shows character and opulence. For a royal look, you can go with coral finish marble for interior works. For anti-skid, you can get it matte finished Marble and get that rugged look for your floors. Rainforest Brown marble will definitely give that extra edge to the aesthetics and wonderful design of your dream home.